Spaulding Chiropractic

Hi Guys! I've put together a video here that explains the vision of what I'd like to put together for your new website. Dr. Joe your words were, "I just want something that we can be proud of". I'm 100% certain that my team will put together a website that will explain & sell your services in a completely unique way through great website copy, beautiful design, powerful images and compelling video. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. I put together a very detailed video that will hopefully give you everything you need. Cheers!

- Bryce




Photography Samples

Below is a sample gallery of photography so you can get an idea for the quality & style of photos we'll be capturing. You'll notice many photos have room around the subject and that is so when we use it for the website and print pieces there is room for text to appear to the right or left of the subject. 



Videography Samples

Your video will be structured a bit differently than the below videos–in that we will aim for them to be shorter with much more footage to showcase the specific specialties you both offer. We will still sit down interview style like these videos and you can use those on other pages of the website – but the 3 main videos we focus on creating will be shortened so that they communicate the point more effectively. 


I'm looking forward to working with you.

Please take this next week to evaluate your quote, browse the photo gallery & watch our videos. Please confirm your quote by June 14th for scheduling.